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IKY Ashram

Relaxing and Refreshing Meditation and Yoga Retreat

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It is a natural, cozy and quiet space where the possibility of knowing, learning and / or deepening the IKY method (Ishka kankueb yoga) is offered for the integral development of being from the physical, mental and spiritual level through two ways from experience

Reconnect with your Inner Self

Join this meditation and yoga retreat in beautiful Colombia. On this yoga retreat, you will learn, achieve, and improve the practice of many yoga postures such as meditation postures, inverted postures, balance postures. You will overcome fears and learn how to fall without risks. Most importantly, you will resolve existing joint and musculoskeletal pains and problems and learn how to handle future ones using the Kankuebs, Ishka Vraja yoga, and Ishka Kankueb yoga.

The retreat

Immersion retreat plan

Daily scheduled theorical and practice activities and Karma yoga, starting from two night for colombian people, and from three nights for foreigners.

The teachings don’t have cost and the contribution for the use of place and lodging is voluntary, you only pay for the accommodation. During the retreat you will have a common kitchen to prepare your own food.

Our classes

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Day pass in IKY Ashram

Come a full day or join us in any scheduled session.

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Regulas classes

Visit IKY Ashram during the week and participate in regular yoga classes for everyone.

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IKY Workshops

Workshops of Swara Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation, Nada Yoga and Mantras, Vraja Yoga.

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IKY Kids sessions

Space of creativity, movement and play based on the Ishka Kankueb Yoga system for children.

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