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Learn with the IKY method – Ishka Kankueb Yoga

IKY method

Ishka Kankueb Yoga

Ishka Kankueb yoga is a methodology of integral health, wellness, self-development, and spirituality that integrates in an efficient way the east’s wisdom on yoga with the so far unknown and mysterious Mayan technology of the Kankueb, that enriched with the scientific western developments in neurokinesis and biopsychology, allow you to achieve multiple benefits at a physical, emotional, mental and energetically level for your self-realization.

Ishka Vraja yoga

Ishka Vraja yoga is the yoga of movement. It has as an objective to achieve a reorganization as well as the balance of the nervous system and balance of the musculoskeletal structure of the student by cultivating and exercising the consciousness in the movement of the body along with the elements of meditation on the energy.

Ishka Vraja Yoga has a great therapeutical effect since it solves musculoskeletal difficulties and limitations in an easy, fast and efficient, but it turns out to be immensely auspicious for those who simply want to achieve bodily agility and flexibility without effort nor risks, facilitating the execution of asanas that can be difficult for the yogi. In fact, Ishka Vraja yoga in addition to solving injuries also prevents them and it prepares the person to practice meditation easily and comfortably.

Satsang subjects

A brief approach to a general yoga theory


Sat karmas

Energetic anatomy

Mudras and bandhas

Biopsychology: self-image and ego

Yoga Sutras